LMARR Disk Ltd. Wheel Discs and Related Parts.
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Rolls Royce, Bentley, Mercedes, Lincoln, Fiat, Jaguar
  • Lmarr Disk Ltd is the world’s largest source of wheel discs and related parts for preWorld War II classic cars.
  • Our discs are fitted on classic cars around the world and have helped their owner’s enjoy more carefree driving, as well as win many classic car events.
  • Give your classic car the look it had when it was new or change it to reflect your style.
  • Every year we broaden our product line by adding new discs and deluxe versions of ourexisting discs. We carry high quality complete wheel assembly kits and replacement parts for our discs and other manufacturers.
  • What we don’t stock, we will manufacture for you, and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Lmarr Disk Ltd was started in 1986 by owner Mike Rabin. While looking for replacement wheel discs for his 1935 20/25 Rolls-Royce, Mike found pictures in a prewar brochure showing the original disc design. He successfully had molds made to match that original look. Lmarr follows the same procedure with all of its 90 stock discs and custom orders.

Lmarr Disk Ltd continues to contribute to winning classic cars at shows and concourses around the world.

Enhance the look of your classic car, reduce cleaning and enjoy more driving time.

Perfection Achieved!

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